John's Projects

Skills Able to learn new information quickly; Skilled in programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, ADA, Visual Basic, HTML, XML, LUA, SQL, PHP, .Net, SOAP, Coldfusion; Experience with applications such as Excel, Access, Word, Microsoft Visual Studio, Apache, Unix, Ubuntu Linux, Dos, Oracle, Macromedia Suite, Photoshop
Months of Experience
C C++ C# Java Visual Basic HTML Wordpress SQL PHP .Net Apache Unix/Linux Coldfusion Photoshop MS Office
12 12 3 48 36 60 20 60 48 24 12 15 2 36 144

Daximation! - for teaching tactics in sports

The Chess Tutor

a good looking survey


An online game (Flappy bird clone)

An online slot machine

And of course, the cool dynamic backgrounds.

PHP projects

Yahoo Sitebuilder to Dreamweaver. (source)

Membership Directory (source)


A Donation system using Paypal. The thermometer animates if you donate! Feel free to donate to me. Or cheat and log into the admin page. Login info is the same as elsewhere. (source)


Shopping Cart featuring automatic shipping calculator, interfacing with the UPS website. Login info is admin, pass (source)

shopping cart

A security Login system for multiple users


a standalone, back-end database adminstration/editor (source)

An Up-Down voting system (source)

vote up or down

A 'easy-form' creation system for programmers (it just turns an array into a form) (source)


Creating cool charts and graphs with Open Flash Chart (source)


More charts: Google charts Generic bar chart


A multi-user android app. Teachers can create multiple choice quizzes, students can take them. Scores are compared with peers.

A transit system emulator for the City of Atlanta, Georgia.

A from-scratch compiler in the Tiger programming language. It would create actual machine instructions which could then be executed on an emulator like QtSpim I also made a video to help others get started with ANTlr token parsing.

Source code by request

Python - from Masters

Artificial Intelligence for Robots: maze traversal, runaway robot

Artificial Intelligence: Alpha-best game playing algorithm, bi- and tri-directional search across Atlanta, probability calculations, decision trees, finding best colors for an image, speech recognition/prediction (hidden markov models)

Computer Vision: Image blending, street sign identification, object tracking, optical flow, particle tracking, facial recognition, final project

Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence: a program to automatically solve Ravens Progressive Matrices (An IQ test)

C stuff

Working with microsoft Kinect to computer

Emgu OpenCV function tester with GUI. C# (source)

A bot for Simcity Social. This was pretty cool, as it captured what appeared on the monitor. The #1 answer on Stack Overflow. C++ and OpenCV (source)

Loot Roller for guild in World of Warcraft. C++ (source)

Probability analyzer for a World of Warcraft achievement. C++

MUD Bot. Connected to a MUD server via Telnet protocol, logged in, parsed text to determine directions or actions to take, moved around and interacted with the world. Outputted a map as it went along. If other people spoke/chatted in its presence, it would interface with the ELIZA chatterbot and carry on a conversation. Sadly, I lost the code. C++

A Final Fantasy XI bot. C++ (source)



My greatest project, lost in the great computer crash of 2005, was a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) chatbot. When launched, it would automatically connect to a MUD server, create a character, log in, then walk walk, chatting with people. It captured conversations and parsed their parts-of-speech by connecting to the internet via a Google API key, searching the dictionary for words, and getting their parts of speech dynamically (Most part-of-speech analyzers use a dictionary-based approach). It would scan the environment, run from danger, and traverse the virtual world, keeping track of where it was and building a map. It had a graphical output that would show the map being built in real time and where the character was.
I worked on it for several years then lost it during a computer/marriage crash/move/divorce. Hey, I was young.

A fantasy novel for my sister.

Arduino programming for my cat.

Cubieboard/raspberry Pi programming

Flash/ video game (Adobe Flash required.)

A 70,000 page book about coaching soccer! (I'm really proud of it)

Buying a grand piano, rebuilding it, and learning to tune it.

My Wordpress

Content Management System for UW-Parkside student newspaper, the Ranger News. Coldfusion. (source)

Part-of-speech analyzer. Connected to google to spellcheck and retrieve parts-of-speech of words. Analyzed sentance structure to determine most likely part of speech for each word. Visual Basic and MS Access database. (source)

Wrote a (unfinished) Fantasy Novel of 30,000 words.

Learning to program by copying code from the last page of 3-2-1 contact magazines during childhood. GWBasic language.


A bunch of cool results from my image processing tests (source)


Internet Presence StackOverflow profile 4,000+ reputation. I can create tags!

23 World of Warcraft Mods. Over a million downloads! (the picture doesn't show the old site stats). The most popular one is auctionSnatch followed by TooManyAddons. Makes for great bar conversations. Most everyone has played WoW, and if they ever used the auctionhouse, they probably used my mod. (source)

All the domains I managed


ACTs: 33

GMAT: 660

SATs :800 math, 720 verbal

PHP: 75%


Masters of Computer Science - Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Classes taken: Artificial Intelligence for Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Compilers, Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Educational Technology, Software Architecture and Design, Software Development Process

Robot Programming, Gateway Technical College. 2013

Paralegal Certification,Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin

American Sign Language I, Gateway Technical College

Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Certification

Fine Arts Studies, Acting and Piano Pedagogy. University of Wisconsin – Parkside
Classes taken: Piano Pedagogy I, II, Acting I, II, Voice I, Jazz Improvization, Communication,Intermediate Piano, Creative Writing

A drawing class at UW-Milwaukee

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science. University of Wisconsin – Madison
Some classes taken: Computer Architecture I, Artificial Intelligence, Calculus II, III, Crypography, Ethnic Studies, Environmental Toxicology, Numerical Methods

Study abroad, University of Queensland, Australia.
Classes taken: Introduction to Databases, Data Structures, Algorithms, Software Design & Testing

Elmira College, Elmira, NY
My GPA was good, something like 3.7, unfortunately that did not transfer over to UW-Madison
Classes taken: Mainly Philosophy, Chemistry and Music. Ethics, Taoism, History of Philosophy, American Literature Studies, Chemistry I, II, Organic Chemistry I, II, Intermediate Piano I,II,III,IV, Music Theory I, II, III, Beginning Guitar I, II, beginning Saxaphone

Christian Life High School. Valedictorian.


P2 Software Engineer, Northwestern Mutual (2020-Present)
Worked as a team to program web-based applications for clients. Used my technical knowledge to mentor teammates in software architecture and design patterns. Researched technical solutions to upgrade and improve all aspects of our software, keeping the end-user experience in mind.

Teacher, Afterschool Enrichment Solutions (2014-2017)
Teaching approx one hour a day, after school, middle-school students (grades 1-8), various topics, mainly chess, engineering concepts (we built stuff out of kits), and programming video games (using

I wrote a 70,000 word book! (Summer of 2016)

Soccer Referee, Kenosha Area Soccer League (2014-present)

Web Site Programmer, Avis Web Design (April 2010 –  Dec 2014).
It used to be full-time but work has dried up lately, to about three hours per week.
My duties: Receive a 'mock-up' or basic layout and, using Adobe Photoshop, I would edit and slice it then using Adobe Dreamweaver and Yahoo SiteBuilder, tweaking any problems by hand-coding the HTML and CSS. Photoshop, Javascript and Php used for more advanced projects. Approximately 100 websites created. Average page count: 6. Approximately ten of those were major projects. Basic SQL and database administration for every site.

Soccer coach. St. Joe's Catholic Academy, Wilmot High School, Kenosha Area Soccer League. (2005 – Present)

Legal Assistant, Madrigrano, Aiello & Santarelli. LLC. Intern (March-April 2011)

Mod Developer, (2006 – Dec 2010)
Creating and selling interface modifications (mods) for the online game World of Warcraft . They pay you .01 to .05 of a cent per download. 400,000 unique downloads made me money. Approximately $2000 total. Not much but I am still proud of it. LUA programming language.

Tutor, Boys & Girls club of Kenosha (Nov. 2007 - June 2008). I supervised and tutored elementary school students.

Sales Associate, Sunglass Hut (March-Oct 2006)

Dog Handler, Dairyland Greyhound Park (April 2005)

Furniture Mover, Lathrop Furniture, bought out by Furniture Express (April 2004-February 2005)

Piano Teacher, Self-Employed (Spring of 2004)

Programmer, Quality Control Tester, Automated Peripherals, Inc.
Engineered technical documents into custom payroll software for hospitals; Tested code; Wrote reports on issues found and their potential solutions (February 2002 – August 2003) Visual Basic and Oracle databases.

Grocery Bagger (Summer of 2000)

Mailman, Cafeteria server (Softmore year of College)

Soccer Referee (All of High School)

Hobbies Soccer Piano Traveling Theatre

Director, Actor, Lakeside Players (2010 – Present)

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