HCI Empirical Evaluation

Play a game of 'Hunt the interface'!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out how to upload a screenshot/photo, from the Xbox One.
To the best of your ability, imagine yourself interacting with a wireframe prototype to accomplish this task of sharing an Xbox screenshot on social media.

The starting interface looks something like this:

Xbox interface

How it works

I will show you an interface with a number for each option.

  1. You pretend-navigate to an option. Write down the number of joystick presses it took.
  2. You pretend-press 'A'. (+1 to your button count)
  3. You look up the number of that option (in the provided lookup table) to figure out where you ended up. A dead end means you must press 'B' to get back. (+1 to your button count)
  4. Keep repeating this until you find the share screen.


The controller is already in your hand.

The screenshot has already been created, and exists somewhere - you are not sure where - on your Xbox. Your goal is to find a way to share it.

You do not actually have to go through the process of sharing it - just getting to the 'share' screen is sufficient.

Your controls

For simplicity, your Xbox controls are limited to the A button, the B button, and up/down/left/right buttons.

In case you are unfamiliar with game menus/controllers:

  • The A button selects/enters the highlighted option/menu.
  • The B button is the cancel button and will take you back to the previous screen/menu.
  • There is no mouse cursor to tell you where you are; only a thicker border around an option (a highlight). Pressing a certain direction will move the highlight to the next nearest box or option in that direction.
  • There is no automatic repeat. You must press and release the direction each time you wish to move one space.
Xbox controller
Figure 1: the XBox controller

Do not look ahead

Please resist the temptation to look at any number on the lookup table you are not currently navigating. There is no lookup table in real life. In real life you can only see what is ahead by actually navigating to the screen and pressing 'A'.

What you have to keep track of

This survey is collecting three things: time, button presses, and overall satisfaction. So to the best of your ability, please keep track of:
1. How many button presses you took. This includes joystick presses.
2. The time it took to accomplish the goal. (i.e. Find the share screen).
3. When you are finished, please answer how satisfied you felt with the interface.


The experiment should take 2 to 15 minutes, depending on which interface you get.

You are allowed to give up - just make a note at the top of the survey. Record the time and button presses.

Remember you are not just picking numbers - you are operating an imaginary controller and you must navigate to each number, one press at a time!

Set? Lookup table open? (Click here) Pen and paper to count your imaginary button presses?

Note the time.. and...

Click Here to begin the experiment (The interface will be chosen randomly)

When you are finished

When you have found the share screen (The lookup table will tell you if you have), answer the questions in the survey and submit the results.